Tic Tac Tongue Game



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Perfect game for family

This Tic Tac tongue game will be the perfect family laughing game at Christmas/Birthday party!


  • MATERIAL: This toy is made of plastic and soft plastic, which is safe and non-toxi, will not cause allergies, durable and can be used repeatedly.

  • LEARNING IN THE GAME: It can help children learn in the game, through the game, children can understand various insects, increase knowledge, but also can enhance the children's hand and foot coordination ability.

  • FUNNY AND CREATIVE: This game can encourage children's recognition, coordination and imagination, which is very interesting and creative, and it's also great for social and family bonding.

  • GAME RULES: Blow through the tube in the mask to shoot the tongue out,Flip over a number card to decide which target card to aim for,Whoever knocks down the correct target card first wins the game.

  • Wonderful Replacement: Puzzle leisure, in the game, the eyes rotate with the movement of the object, which can RelaxES the optic nerve and reduce the child's chance of myopia. And it is an ideal toy gift for kids to play.

How does it work?

  • Put on your mask and use your chameleon tongue to knock down the bugs
  • A quick thinking game of speed, skill and accuracy
  • Blowing into the mouthpiece to shoot out your lizard tongue
  • The first player to knock down the bug that matches the card wins the round


For children's Christmas, birthdays, parties

Forget old games and play all day long with your new best friend.


Play with your children

Father and sons will have again good times together. And mums and girls too, for sure.


Forget screens and start playing

With your grandchildren, they will love this game.


Multiple ways to play

Add more fun to the party


Number of players:

  • 2 suitable for ages 4 and up


Package Include:

  • 2Pcs Tongue Frogs Toy+12pc Card

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