Monitor Stand,Solid Walnut Stand,Wood Computer Stand,Personalized Monitor Stand, Monitor Riser, Desk Accessories, Computer Stand, Desk Decor

$119 $159
Monitor Stand, Solid Walnut Wood Computer Stand, Personalized Monitor Stand, Monitor Riser, Desk Accessories, Computer Stand,Desk Decoration
The monitor stand increases height, improves viewing angles, increases your desk space, and reduces neck, back, and shoulder fatigue.
The display stand is made from walnut solid wood with 2 braces to help limit the warping of natural wood due to changes in temperature and humidity.
We have many sizes available, if you want to make your own size or design, please contact me directly.
The product is finished with natural oil, keeping the color and natural wood grain. Classic luxury matte smooth surface finish.
40L X 9W x 4.5H
50L X 9W x 4.5H
60L X 9W x 4.5H
70L X 9W x 4.5H
80L X 9W x 4.5H
90L X 9W x 4.5H
100L X 9W x 4.5H
110L X 9W x 4.5H
Each product is only produced when there is an order.
Production time: 3-7 working days
Delivery time
To the US: 1-2 weeks via USPS
Other countries: 1-3 weeks via Royal Mail

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